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Photo Gallery


(Please be patient and allow the pictures to load.)


Dennis Michael with another big buck.

Probably my best bird yet ! Shot um at 20 yards He was 19 1/2 LBS
Spurs 1 3/16th Heavy 11 inch Beard +++ Plus he was tagged with $100
Reward tag for the tri state research study. I am very fortunate to
have taken such a beautiful bird. Nothing will be wasted!! Wing bones
will be made into WINGBONE Calls, Wing Feathers will be used for arrows
& crafts, Legs, spurs , back feathers and tail will grace my wall. The
Meat will make several good meals. What is left of the carcass will be
added to the garden to make my tomatoes grow big and fat. The 100.Bucks
will be spent to help stimulate our economy. Oh What A Wonderful World,
Thank You MR. LONG BEARD !!You have not died in vein!!
Bob V Danenhower Sr.




Howard Crockett's 10ft. 300lb. alligator. Oct. 8th at 1am in the Ocklawaha River, FL. Using a 16ft. boat with lights near the Rodman Reservoir.


Lynn Lazarus' buck shot at 10 yards with a bow.  It dressed out at just over 200 lbs & is just under a 24 inch spread - 16 points non-typical


Matt Crockett's boar hunt in Okeechobee, FL Nov 25, 2006.


Dennis Michael with his 7pt. buck. It field dressed at 153 lbs. Taken on 10-26-06 at 4:45 PM with a cross bow at 25 yds. He was on his way to his tree stand when he shot the buck.


Bobby Bowen - Steel City (17yrs. old)
John Detoria - Freemansburg. (21yrs. old )
Howard Crockett Sr. - (formerly from
Steel City - now residing in Florida)

matt bass

Matt with a nice bass

Big John 1

Big John with another Perry County Gobbler

John's geese

Big John with his 2 Perry County geese.
Congrats on your first banded bird!

group pic

Bill Stevens Sr. his friend Kurt, Big John and
Bill Stevens Jr. with 14 Chester County geese.


Troy Pearson with his archery buck
taken in Bucks County - 7pts. with
a 20 inch spread.

denny' s buck

Dennis Michael with a nice Bucks County 7ptr. on his 1st day out; which happened to be his birthday.

doc's trout

Dale "Doc" Steventon's trout - Utah

boyd's trout

Tom Kanouse of El Paso, TX
with a nice Utah trout.

doc's striper

Dale "Doc" Steventon's 24lb. Striper - Belmar, NJ 


Airman with a nice Perry County gobbler.


Big John with his Perry County gobbler.


Jonathan Pearson with his Northampton County gobbler.



Another shot of Howard's big gator.


Here is a side view of Lynn's monster buck that he shot on his Lehigh County Farm. Lynn owns Lazarus Farmers Market.


Here is another pic of Matt's 200lb. boar


Here is a closer look at Denny's 7pt.
buck. Congrats and thanks for
sending in the pics.


Howard Sr. and Matt Crockett with
their shark they caught in Florida.

matt trout

Matt with a nice trout

Big John 2

A closer look at Big John and
his Perry County gobbler


From left to right: Drake (the dog),
Big John and his son-in-law Shane.

field pic

Big John and Bill Stevens with a 3
man limit of Chester County geese.


Jonathan Pearson with his 1st buck
taken in Bucks County on the first day
of the rifle season - 4pts.


Chris Breininger with his 8ptr. he shot just
outside of Germansville in Lehigh County


Beautiful Utah Brown Trout.

Boyd's Striper

Boyd Walker's 34lb. Striper - Belmar, NJ

doc's bluefish

Dale "Doc" Steventon's 12lb. Bluefish - Belmar, NJ


Here is another shot of Airman with his bird.


Here is another shot of Big John and his bird.


Arnie Metzger with his Wayne County gobbler.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos, I couldn't do this without you.
If you have a picture you would like to share, please send it in. Please include any  information that you wish to share with your photo. 

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