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Lehigh County JAKES and Youth Field Day

Held at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club in New Tripoli
Please be patient and allow the picture to load


This is a group picture of everyone who participated in this year's event.
This includes Jakes and Youth Field day and Xtreme Jakes as well.


An all new Xtreme Jakes portion was added for the older youth who already completed the Jakes and Youth Field Day event. This portion of the event covers subjects on a more in-depth level.

event coordinator

Event Coordinator Kevin German gives
opening safety instructions to everyone.

trap range

 Kirk Trentalange instructs 8yr. old
Wade Reidenhour in trap range
etiquette and safety.

archery range

9 yr. old Rebecca Polaski of
Slatington shows good form .
(instructor Mel Jones)

dog demo

9yr. old Aaron Hersh of Zionsville
takes instruction on dog control.
(Dog's name is "Burly" )

rifle range

8yr. old Wade Reidenhour - Schnecksville,
10yr. old Andrew Bowers - Philadelphia,
and 7yr. old Aubrey Gavin - Kernsville
at the .22 rifle range.

rifle range

9yr. old Hayden Falenwolfe
of Slatington takes aim with
some help from HTE instructor
Elwood (Woody) Benner.


Orienteering instructors: 18yr. old Jennifer Graffman,
her mom Karen and Mike Beahm from the PGC
teach another new addition to the event.


Here the youngsters get to see an
actual trap being set.


The youngsters take to the water after
receiving safe boating instructions.

treestand safety

The youngsters learn about treestand
safety. This is very important for
anyone who uses a treestand.

turkey tips

Members of the Lehigh Valley Longbeards instruct
 the youngsters on turkey hunting safety as well
as bird identification & calling techniques.

fishing trophy

14yr. old Robert Coccio of Summit Hill
displays his trophy for the largest fish
a 13-1/2" Largemouth Bass.

first fish award

Tim Crippon receives a first fish
award from the PF&BC.

first fish award

Lizzy O'Leary receives a first fish
award from the PF&BC.

county commissioner

Lehigh County Commissioner Marc Grammes
stresses the importance of preserving our heritage.

snake man

Edward (the snake man) Yandrisovitz
educates the youngersters on reptiles.

archery range

9 yr. old Coleman Link of
Orefield taking aim at
the archery range. 


Tami Pizzuto of New Tripoli, 14yr. old Samantha
McClain of New Tripoli and 16yr. old Justin Selig
of Germansville at the muzzloader range.
This is a new addition this year.

rifle range

9yr. old Cheyenne Daniels of Ashfield
takes aim at the rifle range.

first aid

First Aid in the field was a new addition
to this year's event and an important
one as well.


All participant in the orienteering class got
to keep the map compasses that they used
for the class.


Trapper Instructor Steve Wentzel
educates the youngsters about safety
and of the importance of trapping.


The youngsters handled the canoes
like professional.

treestand safety

Instructor Mike Webber demonstrates the
importance of a safety harness.


9yr. old Cody Moyer proudly
dispays his bluegill he caught
at the fishing pond.

fishing trophy

Annie Koklus is all smiles after catching
the most fish in her group (Bobcats)
and winning this trophy.

first fish award

Aubrey Gavin receives a first fish
award from the PF&BC.


PF&BC officer Lee Cryer helps a young lady 
display a nice bass she caught at the pond. All
Jakes and Youth Field Day participants
received a new rod and reel combo
spooled with 6lb. test line.

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